Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage is used to release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct pressure.

It works at a deeper muscular level than Swedish Massage and will specifically target problematic areas. Deep Tissue Massage uses long, flowing strokes and involves the use of forearms, elbows and fists, as well as the palms and the thumbs to focus on specific areas of the body to release and loosen the tissue. The massage table is low, allowing the therapist to use their body weight to apply deeper pressure. The warmth created from the initial massage technique allows the muscles to loosen and receive deeper pressure which is gently introduced.

Deep tissue massage has many benefits including:

  • Helping to loosen muscle tension and stiff joints ease stress, muscle fatigue, release knots in muscles and aid relaxation.
  • Improving circulation allowing blood and oxygen to circulate round the body improving body function.
  • Aids in the release of toxins from muscles reducing soreness and improving skin tone.
  • Helps in increasing flexibility and improving posture.
  • Helps to heal old injuries realigning deep layers of muscles,  connective tissue and fascia.