Looking to ease aches, pains and tension?

I specialise in the treatment of injuries, pain, discomfort and tension using a combination of techniques and  skills.  I work with you to prevent injuries occurring, assess your postural alignment and prescribe exercises to ensure you stay in peak condition.

I work with a wide range of individuals, from professional athletes to recreational of all age and ability who take part in a variety of sport, to individuals who through work or lifestyle are susceptible to back, neck and shoulder tension or other aches and pains.

I have over 15 years experience and passionately believe by restoring the health of soft tissue through manipulation and corrective exercises a lot of persistent aches and pains can be eliminated.

By far the best Sports Massage that I have had. I work out regularly in the gym and also run so a regular massage is essential. Rachel always tailors the session to my needs on that day and I can always feel the benefit the next time I exercise. HELEN RILEY